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get Idea to Hold Open House

1.Hold a First-Look Open House

Many realtors swear as a great way to throw a memorable open house in St. Petersburg through the first – look strategy. It’s a great way to generate buzz because the open house is held as soon as it hits the market or right after it hits.

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It works on the exclusivity principle: People are more likely to come with more interest because they know they’re going to be the first to look at your home among those exclusive. It often happens that your home will sell faster and at a better price if you list your home (especially online) and then hold an open house right after listing. Greater exposure and more competition often translate into a better sale price.

2. Make It an “Extreme” Open House

The “extreme” open house is another tactic for throwing a memorable open house in Boise. This is an open house event that will set your home and your open house well above similar ones and serve to present your home in the best possible way.

we buy houses

Typically, in your well – appointed kitchen, an extreme open house includes a chef cooking appetizer, catered refreshments, entertainment, and/or awards. The idea is to make prospective buyers feel as if they are receiving treatment for VIP. The obvious drawback here is that these events can be very expensive. But they do work, so the expense can usually be justified.


3. Include Neighbors

You may not have your neighbors on the market for a new home, but you should invite them to your open house. Even though at your open house you may not want nosy neighbors, inviting them can pay off in a few ways. First, prospective buyers will have a chance to meet their neighbors and get a neighborhood feeling. For example, neighbors with children in school can tell buyers everything about the local school system. Moreover, you never know who may be inviting or bringing your neighbors with them. You neighbor might just bring a relative or friend to a new home that is actually on the market. It’s just another way to extend your marketing reach while throwing a memorable open house.

So an open house doesn’t have to be the boring affair that many people perceive to be, but can be exciting, memorable, and highly effective if done correctly. However, one word of caution: we suggest you don’t try to do it all by yourself. Your local real estate agent can help you plan and throw in Boise that memorable open house.